Appels à projet

Post-doc 2016-17

Postdoctoral contract projects

Description :
This program aims at aiding in the development of research projects in mathematics and its applications at the University of Strasbourg.

The first ranking criterion will be the excellence of the candidates, but priority will be given to the development of the IRMIA project : the development of the interactions between the LABEX partners, a LABEX team and other research teams at the University of Strasbourg or within the Upper Rhine region, the development of interactions between mathematics and a socio-economic context, and fostering of Franco-German relations.

These projects will be presented by a scientist of the University of Strasbourg and must be inserted into an existing topic within one of the 9 research teams of the LABEX. The proposals will be evaluated in January 2017 by the LABEX’s scientific council.

Portfolio :
The proposals must include a scientific portfolio consisting of the following elements :

1. Name of the project’s spokesperson and name of the team.
2. Project title.
3. Name of the candidate.
4. A 1 to 2 page description of the research project, its issues and scientific context.
5. Annexes : bibliography, CV of the candidate and the spokesperson.

Procedure and submission deadline :

The portfolios in PDF format should not exceed 5 pages. They must be sent by electronic mail to The deadline for submission is November 28, 2016.

Conditions :
These are research-only positions (no teaching assignments). The contracts are typically for a 2-year period. The salary will be of approximately 2250 euros (net) per month.

Teaching. If desired, the postdoctorants will have the possibility to teach within the framework of the UFR of mathematics and informatics.